September 5, 2018

PDPC Updates Advisory Guidelines on the PDPA for NRIC and other National Identification Numbers

  Key information that organisations should note   1) Organisations should not: a) collect NRIC numbers (or copy of NRIC) unless: • Required under the law (or an exception under PDPA applies); or • Necessary […]

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Discover Great Ideas

This week's Top 10 curation is about #content #facebook #instagram #ecommerce #Ai #smartbidding #SEO And have you always wanted to know how much it cost to build what kind of apps? like what is a [...]
June 6, 2018 1 COMMENT


Revit coordinate system is very confusing. Even after 7 years of Revit experience, I still needed hours of research, investigation and experiments to build this guide. This post covers a lot of ground. You will [...]
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What is the Best Practices using BIM software?

First of all, you have to recognize that BIM isn’t software. It’s a methodology that includes processes, workflows, documentation, standards, etc. As such, the best practices for this methodology don’t pertain specifically to the software, [...]
November 1, 2017 1 COMMENT

What is the Most Popular Software for BIM Architectural Modeling?

REVIT (Autodesk) Autodesk’s Revit is the BIM-enabled successor to their industry-changing AutoCAD drafting software. It is by far the most used BIM authoring software, to the point where it is almost synonymous with the term [...]
October 9, 2014 0 COMMENTS

Revit Architecture 2019 User Assistance Glossary Terms

2D View A 2-dimensional (2D) representation of a building model displayed in the Revit interface. For example, floor plans and elevations are 2D views. 3D Level A three-dimensional (3D) plane in the conceptual design environment [...]