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Hubble Pte Ltd
4.1 and up for Android | Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
7.1 MB
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Product Description

Get a real time overview of your workforce deployment down to the specific worksites with live GPS tracking. No more manual attendance tracking, no more buddy sign-ins – all your workers will be where they are supposed to be. Foster a culture of accountability in your workforce today.

Hubble is the leading workforce tracking mobile application for the construction and engineering industry. Accurately track your workers in real time with Hubble’s mobile app.

Key Features:
1. Project list
2. Ability to sign in and out to capture attendance
3. 4 digit passcode recognition
4. Photo recognition attendance tracking
5. Location tracking
6. Seamless cloud sync
7. Offline mode functionality

Hubble allows syncing across multiple devices, which allows for rapid and accurate attendance taking.
Each attendance entry is synced to the cloud instantly and reflected in real time on our Hubble web platform. Allow your management to effectively monitor worker’s attendance and salary.
Do away with tedious and manual methods such as punch cards or time sheets. Allow your workforce to be more accountable and punctual. Transform your worksite into one that is connected, integrated and automated.
Get Smart. Get the Future. Get Hubble.


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