Xinaps Fire Safety Assessor

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Product Description

Automate fire safety analysis based on local regulations.

Fire Safety Assessor™ is one of our flagship patented solutions. Working as a plug-in within Autodesk Revit®, it automates fire safety analysis based on local regulations. It is a quick, easy and accurate method to check whether your building model meets fire safety standards. No in-depth fire safety knowledge is required. Thus, vital design decisions can be made and the safety of both building and occupants is ensured.


Xinaps Fire Safety Assessor™ sets a standard in fire safety analysis within Revit®. Due to its short-learning curve, it is essentially useful to various members of the design team, without in-depth expertise in fire safety. It also helps visualize the whole building model in a single 3D overview, so that all problematic areas can quickly be detected and addressed. The flexibility of the settings ensure local fire safety regulations are met with ease. Ultimately, it brings fire safety analysis to Revit® in early design stage, at your fingertips.


The plug-in is offered on an annual subscription basis.

by checking critical parameters for fire compartments, fire exits, egress path length, egress time, fire extinguishers and fire hose coverage.

  • Fire Compartments– Check whether all fire compartments perform as expected. To do that, compartments need to be predefined in Revit based on one of the three ways outlined below:
    • (shared) Room Parameter
    • Wall Type Parameter
    • Area Plan Scheme

Based on this selection, validate the most crucial elements such as people density, maximum compartment size, maximum egress length and time, as well as fire exits.

  • Egress Time – Estimate the shortest egress path based on our patent-pending path-finding algorithm. Automate egress time analysis based on your actual building model, including the number of fire exits, and the width of fire stairs. Based on walking speed parameters, the total available safe egress time (ASET) will be calculated and compared to the required safe egress time (RSET).
  • 3D Egress Animation – Simulate the egress of all occupants in 3D. In a heat-map overview, you will see which rooms get empty first. Ultimately, the whole building becomes green, meaning all occupants are safe from fire.
  • Fire hose and extinguisher coverage – Upon placing fire hose and fire extinguisher components in Revit, you can immediately see the water throw length and its actual coverage per floor (in 2D) and in the whole building (in 3D).
  • 2D and 3D visualizations:
    • Fire compartments: Get a holistic 3D overview of all fire compartments within the whole building.
    • Fire Egress: Visualize in a 3D overview all egress paths and animate at each given time the number of people escaping from each room.
    • Fire hose and extinguishers coverage: Visualize in 2D the fire hose and extinguisher coverage.  Alternatively, check out in a 3D overview the coverage of fire hoses and extinguishers within the whole building.

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